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The Herukans known as the Guardian of Hope posses unique mystical powers as a result of their training in the Science of Mystics called Mugo and their faith in the Pure Light Force of the Universe. Each Guardian is unique in the choice of specific mystical powers they cultivate and utilize.

They all posses incredible powers of healing others and themselves, have simple levitation, can read and influence the minds of most life forms, and have the ability to sense what is about to happen. Additionally, they have the ability to generate and use the power of the Pure Light Force as high energy beams and force shields.

Droui'ko is well known and revered regarding his abilities and skills in how he utilizes and controls the Pure Light Force. His powers of healing and abilities in manipulating and controling physical objects are known through out the universe. His deep devotion and a lifetime of vast profound training has allowed him to do things no other Hekukan, Protector, or Guardian of Hope can do. Two of his most unique skills are yet to be cultivated by another Guardian. Droui'ko can create a life sustaining force shield around himself which protects him from the vacuum of space for a prolonged period of time. Also, he has developed the ability to directly control the bio-metal Vajrillum. All other Guardian's have limited control over Vajrillium through the Central Channel's crystaline computer controling system.

This skill in relating to the Pure Light Force and Vajrillium has allowed Droui'ko to travel and do battle in space upon his Vajrillium transport device call a "Moon Disc." His life sustaining force sheild and ability to use his Vajrillium based weapons while riding on his Moon Disc make him a most formitable opponent in any environment or situation.

Enhanced with the bio-technological implants and modifications, all Guardians of Hope have incredible strength, are slow to be effected by the vacuum of space, and have varying powers based on the color of the local sun and the general chemical make of each planet’s environment and atmosphere.

Only the Herukans trained on the ninth moon of Trinzsilor have Central Channels implanted into their bodies. This final critical technological bio-enhancement is what contains and controls the rare bio-metal Vajrillium, powers other bio-technology, and powers all weapons and vehicles. The Central Channel is positioned in the exact center line of the body from the brow of the head to just below the navel. Containing and protecting the fluidic axle junctions ("spine") of the Herukan body, the Central Channel both protects and is enhanced by the Herukan "spine." Additionally, it is a powerful computing system and storage device based on Herukan advanced technology. The unique bio-interface allows for real time access, interactions and computations.

Access to the vast knowledge and history of the known universe the Herukans have collected since recorded time is instantly transfered to the minds of The Guardians of Hope. All experience and knowledge of each Guardian is uploaded to the bio-processing core of the Central Channel then transmitted across space and stored on Trinzsilor in the Grand Hall Library of the Universe. Each Guardian transmits and can receive all data collected instantly. Additionally, the Central Channel is connected to the Herukan brain by an electro-chemical fusion process. This allows for the Central Channel to act as a regulation system for the Bi-Morphing for the existence into the human body, the Herukan superpowers, all technology, weapons, and the bio-metal Vajrillium.


The strongest and most rare metal like living compound in the known Universe is the Guardians of Hope's most unique weapon. Housed in the Central Channel this metal is also used to construct a majority of the internal bio-techno enhancements, weapons, and the moon shaped disc used for transport. Connected to the Herukan crystalline processing computer core, Vajrillium has programed "Shaping Teachnology" and can respond to requests of it's host Guardian based on it's symbiotic nature.

In Guradian Mode as Droui'ko, he uses the Varjrillium metal as covergae for his short arm. His early decision to sever his left hand to pass the Teserrak Kre'Ta has been noting but a benefit as The Guardian of Hope of Grid 54. He uses his metal covered short left arm as an extremely powerful weapon. This is also a result to the extra technology added and enhanced to his body after the so-called "hand cutting incident."

Vajrillium can form a number of different shapes and applicable uses. A sword, sheild, and a liquid metal whip are some of Droui'ko favorite uses.

The Moon-Disc
Each Guardian of Hope has some form ofThis is Droui'ko's personal choice in transport.
Yellow Sun

The yellow color of the earth's sun has a direct effect on the genetic biological structure of the Herukan eye and optical system. Droui'ko has the ability to see in a number of light frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared, radio, x-ray, ultraviolet, and heat signatures. He needs only a very small amount of light to see at night or in the void of space. In case of prolonged darkness, he can store a small amount of light in his optical system as a back short term reserve.

The yellow light of the sun also allows Droui'ko to see the electro-chemical process of life forms on earth and alien life entering this star system. This allows for a unique insight as to the what is occurring in the body and the physical process of the brain as a result of thinking.

Additionally, Droui'ko can absorb, harness, then discharge an incredible amount of the suns energy as powerful beans out of his eyes. The ability to control this beam into larger or smaller and lower to high strength delivers a variety of applications. After it's most power discharge the optical system takes time to cool and re-adsorb before it's next use.

Nitrogen Atmosphere
Earth's nitrogen based atmosphere, other breathable compounds, and the basic elemental make-up have given Droui'ko unique powers in relation to his lungs, breath, and voice.

His lungs have incredible capacity for volume, pressure, and cold. He is able to breath in or out with enough force to generate powerful wind storms and currents beyond anything the earth has known. Additionally, his breath has the quality of producing extreme cold and can freeze anything below Earth's absolute zero.

His voice has a few unique qualities. Droui'ko is able to produce a large spectrum of sounds beyond the human ear. Within the human range he can generate sound waves powerful enough to destroy most metals know to Earth. He can easily generate concussive blasts of sounds which can stop humans, cars, and many projectiles.

However, it is the "Subtle Voice" which is his most secret Earthly power. He has the ability to produce a soft tonal quality in his voice that deeply subdues his opponent to a stand still. This voice power only works as close distance.


The Guardian of Hope
AlejAndro Anastasio
The Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster
Sector 9 of Grid 54, Planet Earth
Boise, Idaho USA

1+ 208-585-7868

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