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Called Sector 108, the Great Globular Galaxy Cluster is one of the oldest galaxy clusters in the known universe. Since before recored time this vast and uncharted area of space has been home to the Herukans. Deep inside the Galactic center of Sector 108 is the sacred Alaya Galaxy, home to the Oa'Dan Star System. At the center of this star system is Nir’va, the first Pure Vast White Sunstar known to exist. It is believed this sunstar was the first to form from the Uncompounded Original Pureness of the Universe.

Therefore, it is known Nir’va's White Luminous Light is the first light to bring life into the universe and is the source of the Pure Light Force. This Force is the essence of all that is pure in the universe. The Herukans live on the 4th of the Noble planets circling the Sunstar Nir’va. This is known as the planet Trinzsilor. Though their true origin is unknown, the Herukans embody the essence of the Pure Light Force. They have vowed to protect the Sunstar Nir’va, the Pure Light Force (Original Pureness of the Universe) and to guard, protect, and help to all beings and life forms in the galaxy.

Technologically advanced and compassionate the Herukan's devotion to all that is good and true led to the creation of the "Temples of the Nine Pathways" of protection. One training temple was constructed on each of the nine moons orbiting Trinzsilor. With the support of Bio-Adaption Suits specific to each moon's environment only the bravest and most wise of the Herukans are trained. Each training temple eveloved into it's own unique training system thereby cultivating and creating nine unique Protectors. However, it was on the ninth moon of Trinzsilor where something very special happened and something very special was found. It was on the moon A'ti when the "Phase Shift of Transgeneration" first occurred and the rare bio-metal Vajrillium was first discovered.

The mortal enemies of the Herukan Race are the dreaded Maracons.They are a non-corporeal life form steeped in evil who feed off the Dark Force Matter of the universe. Though their name is known to most species, very little is actually known about the Maracon Race. It is believed they were once Herukan. Near the beginning of all that is known, deep within Herukan history, was the time of "The Great Delusion." It was at this time a secret sect of Herukans discovered and engaged in the Dark Force Matter of the universe. They now exist in the Empty Black Rift area of the Universe. An area of space that is cold, dark and devoid of planets, stars, and matter. An area of space few species enter. Having absorbed all the energy in that part of the Galaxy, the Dead Star Samsar exists alone in the center of the Absolute Nothing. The Dead Star Samsar is the repository of the Dark Force Matter. Having evoled into a symbiotic relationship with Samsar, the Maracons are now enslaved by the Dark Force Matter. Setting up sub-space fortresses across the universe they seek out and destroy the Pure Light Force of the universe. By destroying the pure essence of the universe a void is created which is filled with the energy of the Dark Force Matter. Maracons feed on this energy and transfer it back to the Dead Star Samsar.
Upcoming Talks

Indiana Comic Con
April 30th & May 1st, 2016.
"Chronicles of the One Handed Superhero."

Oregon Country Fair
July 8-10, 2016. Veneta, Oregon.
Youth Stage Performances.
"The One Handed Superhero of Inspiration."

Recent Talks

Bureau of Reclamation
October 28, 2015. Denver, Colorado.
Disability Employment Awareness

European Speaking Tour 2015
September 16 - 28, 2015.
Finland, Estonia, and Austria.
"The Power of Positive Thinking."

Pisek High School
Septenber 15th, Pisek, Czech Republic.
"The Benefits of not Having Two Hands."


The Guardian of Hope
AlejAndro Anastasio
The Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster
Sector 9 of Grid 54, Planet Earth
Boise, Idaho USA

1+ 208-585-7868

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