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Since beginningless time the Pure Intention of the Herukan Race has never faltered. Utilizing the Pure Light Force of Nir’va, the Herukans have always been known as the Protectors of the Universe and the Original Pureness. Their home world Trinzsilor is the final stand against all how come to destroy Nir’va and the Pure Light Force of the universe. Throughout time and in countless historic Galactic Battles the Herukans of Trinzsilor have subdued, defeated, and annihilated many negative species, forces and life forms.

Billions of years ago the Herukans realized as the universe expands the wisest course of protection is for some to leave the planet Trinzsilor. To better protect Nir’va, the Pure Light Force, and all life in the universe the greatest, most powerful, intelligent, and wisest of all Herukans would be trained as the universe's guardians and protectors. For millenia these Herukans have been dispatched to all the far reaching galactic realms. They are the Guardians of all that is good and true in the galaxy.

As one of the most ancient, mystical, and technologically advanced species in the universe, the Herukans began creating the Vehicles or Pathways to training. There are nine natural moons called “Yanalites” which orbit the planet Trinzsilor (Shrav, Prat, Bod, Kri, U’pa, Yog, Mah, A’nu, and A’ti). On each moon the Herukans constructed advanced training temples. These are the “Temples of the Nine Pathways” of training. These are the nine systems of vast knowledge and compassionate training as vehicles for protecting the universe. Each Pathway is an individual and unique system of training. Each has a different process of ritualistic training in relation to scholastics, the mystical arts, the fighting arts, and bio-techno enhancement.

Once a very long long time ago when construction first began on the ninth moon of A'ti, prolonged exposure to the natural environment started to change the molecular structure of the working Herukans. There is something very special yet not very well understood about the moon A'ti. Construction stopped for a long time while the Herukans contemplated, observed, and conducted tests. Many of these tests resulted in bio-technoloy implanted into the body to help counteract the deep physical shifts in the molecular make up of the Herukans. The shift initially did great harm and damage to the Herukan body. This was the beginnings of the bio-techno enhancements that all Guardians of Hope posses. It was at this early time something very special happened.

It was realized after increasingly prolonged controlled exposure to the natural environment, the molecular shift allowed Herukans to live, breathe, and train on A'ti without the add of a Bio-Adaption suit. This is referred to as the "Eco Shift." However, It is what happens for the short time after the Eco Shift that is so special. During this period of time the Herukan body is in a state of molecular flux settling into it's new biological design. This post "Eco Shift" state is called the "Phase State of Transgeneration." Any bio-technology added in this short time would fuse or phase together perfectly with the physical body of the Herukan as it healed.

As construction was finishing and training had begun again, it was understood these Ninth Level Protectors would need additional bio-enhancements to help support their body's new technology. They would need some kind of central supporting structure for their body. This Central Channel would structurally support the added technology and would also regulate and power all bio-technology. As a result they would also need to find a new and different internal power source for this technology. It was at this time while mining deep into A'ti that an extremely unique and most rare "living" fluidic bio-metal was discovered. Called Vajrillium, this bio-metal was the final answer to their questions. This was the metallic compound the Herukans were seeking.

Vajrillium is the strongest and most rare metal like living compound in the known Universe. It is only found in the Oa’Dan star system resulting to its proximity to the Pure Vast White Sunstar Nir’va. The only known located source is on the 9th moon of Trinzsilor, A’ti. Vajrillium is a symbiotic bio-metal. Over time the Herukans have learned to enhance their bodies with Vajrillium. This is only been possible with the relationship of bio-technological implants, reconstruction, modifications, and fusion of the Central Channel into the body. Very little is actually understood about this intelligent bio-metal. However, it is known after the Eco Shift and during the Phase State of Transgeneration this bio-metal forms a kind of symbiotic relationship with the bio-techno enhanced Herukans. This symbiotic relationship allows for the final and most advanced stage of the bio-techno enhancement. Vajrillium is used in the construction of the Central Channel. This internal structure supports the physical body and all added technology, regulates and powers the enhanced Herukan body. The Central Channel contains a supply of Vajrillium.

Shortly after the Eco Shift at the final stage of the Phase State of Transgeneration, the Central Channel
is fused and connected to the Herukan body. As a result the Central Channel, it's power engine, all bio-techno enhancements, the crystaline computer system, and the additional supply of the living bio-metal Vajrrillium are fused into the Herukan body. It is at this point the final stage of training begins.

The greatest of all Herukan Protecctors are trained on the ninth Yanalite moon called A'ti. Here the deepest and most demanding training occurs. It is on A'ti where the Zo’Chin Elite Class of Herukan Guardians are cultivated and trained. It is only on A’ti where these chosen few are deeply trained in the Secret Mystical arts of Mugo, the ritualistic hand and body defensive system called T'an Tra Do, and where the most advanced bio-technological enhancement of the Central Channel occurs. These ninth level Guardians are the greatest all protectors in the universe. They are known as the Guardians of Hope.

to be continued...
Droui'ko's One Hand

Considered the greatest Guardian of Hope in galactic history, Commander Droui’ko’s inner stellar fame precedes him. Throughout time few have done as much to benefit the universe in so many ways. His fighting skills and piloting ability are unmatched in the post-star flight universe. His strategic command skills, bravery, devotion, and uniquely clever ability to solve problems under pressure is a testament to his desire to help all beings and to protect all that is good and true.

He and his troops have won numerous battles in protection of the great Sunstar Nir’va and many other star systems which are known beyond legend. He is the only Guardian to single handedly (Literally) destroy two sub-space fortresses of the dreaded Maracon Race. He lead the small command the Zo’Chen Elite who undermined the evil control of the Triluthians in Grid 81. This pivotal battle helped win freedom for this star sector which eventually lead to the general peace we enjoy at this time.

Droui'ko was born to simple working class parents. His father Pa'Ne laid stone for the Temple on the third Yanalite, the moon Bod. His mother Koi'Lo knitted garments for the Monastics on Trinzsilor and raised the children. Most working class families are not in a position to send there children to any of the Temples of the Nine Pathways. no one believed Droui’ko would be accepted or graduate from the Temple on the Moon A’ti. Therefore, no one could of imaged the difference he would eventually make in the universe and across time.

Training on any Temples of the Nine Pathways is incredibly challenging. Training on the ninth Pathway is the most challenging. Children only go home when they do not advance... And most child go home. Very few complete the apprenticeship training. During this childhood long training they are referred to as "Sefverons." Of all the Sefverons who complete the initial training on the ninth Pathway, very few pass the final test. It is only on the ninth moon of A'ti where there is a final test. For the Ninth Pathway is the path of The Guardians of Hope. Therefore it was decided a final exam was required. This test is called theTazerrak Kre'Ta

It was how Droui'ko passed this test for which he is most admired, respected, and revered. It was this one act and one choice which he is most known and famous. All all his battle victories, heroic piloting maneuvers, strategies, and hand to hand duels, his passing of the Tazerrak Kre'Ta is what is most often spoken. He was immediately granted fellowship in the ranks of the Guardians of Hope and promoted to the level of Commander

Most known for his under cover work living on pre-star flight planets.

to be continued...


The Guardian of Hope
AlejAndro Anastasio
The Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster
Sector 9 of Grid 54, Planet Earth
Boise, Idaho USA

1+ 208-585-7868

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