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Xileasis Cain, Dark Shadow Assassin

Illustration by Bella Rachlin
Modified Human
She is Krilore's dark shadow assassin stationed on planet earth. Born Victoria Booth in 1587 in Scotland, Xileasis was kidnapped from her family by Krilore at a very young age. Tortured, trained, brainwashed, and bio-chemically modified by The Order of The Krin, Xileasis Cain is currently known as the earth's most dangerous and feared criminal.

She has been mutated and engineered to heal quickly, maintain an extended life span, and have an incredible threshold for pain. With enhanced reflexes, extraordinary strength, and hyper intelligence and learning skills, Xileasis has spent centuries training in the martial arts and mortal combat skills.

Creating chaos, suffering, and death on earth produces the residual negative energy that feeds the Dark Force Matter of the universe supporting Krilore's life essence. More importantly, earth is the closet inhabited planet to one of the Maracon's last remaining sub-space portals and trans-dimensional fortresses known as the "Lost Regime." Xileasis Cain is the protector and gatekeeper to one of the Maracon's greatest secrets and strategic strong holds in area of the universe.

Sexy, ruthless, elegant, and intelligent she has, without mercy, served the needs of Krilore and the Maracon's race in Grid 54 for the past 400 years. 

The Guardian of Hope
AlejAndro Anastasio
The Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster
Sector 9 of Grid 54, Planet Earth
Boise, Idaho USA

1+ 208-585-7868

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