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Krilore, The Dark Lord

Illustration by Bella Rachlin
The Maracon Race
Though their name is known to most species and throughout the universe, very little is actually understood about the Maracon Race. It is believed they were once Herukan. Near the beginning of all that is known, deep within Herukan history was the time of "The Great Delusion." It was at this time a secret sect of Herukans discovered and engaged in the Dark Force Matter of the universe. They now exist in the Empty Black Rift area of the Universe, an area of space that is cold, dark and devoid of planets, stars, and matter. An area of space few species enter. At the center of the Empty Black Rift is the Dead Star Samsar, the repository of Dark Force Matter. Having absorbed all the Pure Light Force energy in that part of the Galaxy, the Dead Star Samsar and the Maracons exist alone in the center of the Absolute Nothing.

Maracons are non-corporal life forms that mostly exist in sub-space. They feed and survive off the Dark Force Matter in the universe. This is the residual energy that exists after any negative emotions, conduct, intentions, and actions are committed. In a very simple way they feed off the vaporous energetic fumes of hatred, war, greed, killing, chaos, and destruction. Krilore is the Dark Lord of the Maracon race. His only goal is to turn the universe into a spiraling existence of cosmic hatred, chaos, and devastation.

The Guardian of Hope
AlejAndro Anastasio
The Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster
Sector 9 of Grid 54, Planet Earth
Boise, Idaho USA

1+ 208-585-7868

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