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Bio and Dispatch Info

Alias Name:
Home Town:

Life Form:
Birth Name:

Home Planet:
Star System:
Galactic Position:

Duty Location:

Local Sun Color:
Local Atmosphere
Relative Time:

Secret Mystical Art:
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Local Power Source:

Mortal Enemy:

AlejAndro Anastasio
Boise Idaho
Motivational and Inspirational speaker, life long artist, and Graphics Artist for the Bureau of Reclamation

Commander Level of the Zo’Chin Elite known as The Guardians of Hope

Absolute Center of The Great Globular Galaxy Cluster known as Sector 108

Planet Earth. Within Grid 54 it is the third planet in a solar system near the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy in the minor arm called the Orion Spur. Located on the far edge of the Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster

Yellow - unique powers regarding the eyes and seeing
Nitrogen base - unique powers regarding lungs and breathing
21st Century, Modern Earth Time.

The Subtle Voice. Subdues harm doers at close range

Vajrillium - The most rare, powerful and unique symbiotic bio metal in the known universe

On Planet Earth the power source for this Guardian of Hope's bio-techo enhanced implants and Central Channel, Bio-Metal, and weapons is the tektite Moldavite

Maracons: Non-corporeal life form existing on the Dark Force Matter of the universe.

Current Mission

Known as the protectors of the universe all Guardians have vowed to safeguard all living beings, protect the Pure Light Force, and to guard all that is good and true in the galaxy.

Droui'ko (alias AlejAndro Anastasio and most skilled Guardian of Hope) has been tasked with locating and annhiliating the sub-space portal, trans-dimensional fortress and communication array of the dreaded Maracon Race.

This is one of the 6 known sub-space portals in the entire universe. Known as the "Lost Regime" this fortress has eluded the Herukans for all of recored time. Destroying the portal, the Maracon fortress and communication array would be a great victory and protection to Earth, the Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster and this quadrant of the universe. It would also be a devastating blow to the Maracon Race and their quest to destroy the Pure Light Force of the universe.


The Guardian of Hope
AlejAndro Anastasio
The Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster
Sector 9 of Grid 54, Planet Earth
Boise, Idaho USA

1+ 208-585-7868

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