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The Alias - AlejAndro Anastasio

Within Grid 54 in the Milky Way Galaxy Droui'ko is stationed in the Solar System with yellow sun on the third planet known as Earth. He has taken the alias of a one handed long life artist and inspirational speaker known as AlejAndro Anastasio. Living his life as a speaker, artist, musician, martial artist, and performer allows AlejAndro to have the life style that is perfect cover for a superhero. In a not so very low key and covert way AlejAndro lives in Boise, Idaho as an artist with a day job and takes care of his mother (like all good superheros). Currently he works for the Bureau of Reclamation as a Digital Graphic Artist.

When AlejAndro is not out saving the universe or at his day job he is traveling around the United States as a national inspirational and motivational speaker. The greatest power any superhero can offer is that of hope and inspiration. What better potential does a one handed superhero have to spread hope and inspiration that being a one handed inspirational speaker. AlejAndro Anastasio works with organizations and groups of all ages to see past their self imposed boundaries so they live a life without limitations. His speaking organization is called One Hand Speaks.

On the side AlejAndro Anastasio lives also lives as an artist, musician, and performer. He plays a didgeridoo and creates unique sounds sculptors with a Theremin and Tibetan singing bowls. He has performed at many local events and festivals and in the Pacific Northwest. He has been a part of many Art Gallery openings and showing with his Assemblages and Sculptors. AlejAndro was also a founding member of the Red Light Variety Show performance troupe in Boise and has performer with the internationally renowned Disabled performance crew Jess Curtis Gravity.

The internal system of the Herukan Central Channel, bio-technological enhancements, crystalline processing core, all weapons and vehicles, and what is used to maintain the bio-metal Vajrillium needs a reoccurring powering fuel source. Finding an usable and renewable power source has always been a challenge for The Guardians of Hope. Fortunately there is a suitable though rare compound found on Earth. The Tektite Moldavite is a perfect powering source for the Herukan Technology. The meteorite impact at the Ries Crater impact site in Germany just under 15 million years ago has trace elements from Droui'ko's home Galaxy of Alaya. After impact these extraterrestrial trace elements fused with earthly compounds into what is known as Moldavite. As a result of this combination these Moldavite "crystals" are an incredibly strong power source. To maintain his own power supply and to find the correct quality of this rare Tektite, AlejAndro operates a small online Moldavite Business called Idaho Moldavite. Catering specifically to the highest quality Moldavite specimens AlejAndro keeps his needed fuel source close at hand, ready to use and to share.

To help support and cover his superior inter-galactic fighting skills, AlejAndro has spent much of his adult life as a professional Martial artist. Secretly training humans to be more than they thought possible, he owned and operated 3 Shapes Aikido. On the surface it was an Aikido dojo. However, deeply it was the place where AlejAndro Sensei trained superheros. As a 3rd degree black belt and 1st degree black belts in Kajukenpo and Jujitsu keep his secret skills cloaked and fine tuned. It was also an incredible vehicle to inspire children and live his life as an artist. Though he is not currently teaching the martial arts or Sensei of a dojo, he does have plans to return very soon.

Like all good superheros Droui'ko takes care of his Earth Human mother. They live together with his brother in Boise, Idaho. He makes sure his mother is safe and warm and smiles a lot. Sometimes to make the universe a better place great inter-galactic battles of great technology must be won. At other times it is just as powerful to take care of your mother and make a child smile. Both Droui'ko and AlejAndro will say it is one of the best ways to make a difference in the world. AlejAndro does this by supporting his mother's love of knitting. AlejAndro (as Droui'ko) enjoys this knitting business and knitting with his human mother. It reminds him of his childhood on Trinzsilor watching his first and and real mother knit garments for the Monastics. He, his mother and brother own and operate a small knitting business call Blue Moon Knits. This family business and time spent together brings a smile to the face and twinkle to the eye of their mother.

Living as an artist has many benefits for the human race. AlejAndro (Droui'ko) always remembers why he chose this path as a human. It was his High School pottery teacher Mrs. Hendricks who said, "not everyone can live their life as an artist and make it work AlejAndro. But you can!!! And the world needs more artists like you." It was this hope and inspiration which propelled AlejAndro to live this life as an artist. It was this inspiration in his later years in Boise which led him to hosting an annual Festival for his Community. Supported by his martial art school he would host his Aikido May Day Celebration in Camel's Back Park.

AlejAndro feels his artistic one handed life is so inspirational he made a short 7 minute movie for the local i48 film competition call "Life With One Hand: a Comedy of Memories." He did all the filming, acting, editing, music, and final rendering as an example of the powwow of one hand. He placed third overall and won best screen play.

You can see more of Droui'ko's alias AlejAndro videos and inspirational speeches at his Youtube page. Check him out and follow him on FaceBook and Twitter.
History on Earth

Since the life span of Herukans is extremely long it is actually unknown how long Droui'ko has been stationed on planet Earth or how many lives and aliases he has lived. However, despite Herukans has the technology to construct a replacement robotic hand to allow for more potential aliases, Droui'ko always takes a one-handed human body like himself. To the Grand Council of Elders he says, "it is who I am, it is more natural, and it will allow me to help the humans."

Though not all the people Droui'ko lived as were well known or influential people of the day. Some information is known about his position in recent Earth history. We do know in a past earth life Droui'ko lived as the U.S. soldier, geologist, as explorer of the American West John Wesley Powell. He is famous for the 1869 Powell Geographic Expedition, a three-month river trip down the Green and Colorado rivers, including the first known passage through the Grand Canyon; And served as second director of the US Geological Survey

We also know at the turn of the beginning of the 1900s Droui'ko lived as Peter J. Grey, the first well known one handed Major League baseball player.

It is also documented in the Grand Hall Library of the Universe on Planet Trinzsilor Droui'ko lived in France in the mid 1800s. He worked in an underground traveling circus as one of the human oddities. He was known as the world's greatest one handed juggler.


The Guardian of Hope
AlejAndro Anastasio
The Turning Wheel Galaxy Cluster
Sector 9 of Grid 54, Planet Earth
Boise, Idaho USA

1+ 208-585-7868

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